School Parent App - Bridge The Communication Gap Between School & Parents

Atcovation is an agile and creative mobile app for the school campuses. It helps schools in bridging a communication gap with the parents. Most of the parents are working in the present times and such mobile app helps them to keep in constant touch with the school authorities and teachers. This parent communication app is a greater way of helping the child to perform well in their studies and co-curricular activities.

Moreover, parents will be able to ask about their ward's accomplishments and if there is any need for improvement in their child. They can easily raise their concerns with the school on particular things and get it sorted out even if they are busy with their own work. The school mobile app reduces the worry of parents to visit school every now and then that seems impossible in the case of working parents.

The other beneficial effect of Atcovation is that, if the grades of a child are falling, the parents can be intimated soon with updated reports. This will help parents and teachers to work on the child's curriculum and bring them to the mainstream.

It will further help the parents to provide support to their children. They can come to know about the school activities, examination schedule, meetings, circulars, etc. with the help of this mobile app.

Significant Features of Atcovation for Parents

Atcovation uses the latest technology to maintain its mobile app in an updated nature. This helps parents and schools never failing to send and receive messages regarding the child. There are many versatile features of this app:

  • The mobile app helps the parents to apply for a direct leave application online without stressing to visit the school and depositing the application in office or to class teachers.
  • With the help of this app, parents receive push notifications regarding school activities, daily subject wise homework and attendance of a child. Thus, parents can keep an eye on their child's actions and track their every activity.
  • Atcovation app is designed in such a way that only parents, schools and teachers can communicate with each other by logging into their accounts and monitoring their child's activities of the school. Moreover, if there is any complaint about a child, it can be solved side-by-side.

The constant communication between parents, teachers and school helps in making a child excel better in their curriculum and related activities. The school parent app plays a vital role in keeping the school and parents of the ward in regular touch about their performance. Moreover, the parents can analyze weak and strong areas of their child.

To conclude, this mobile app for parents is designed to keep the school as well as parents updated about a child's performance in the school. The regular touch with the school will also acknowledge the parents with any kind of emergency beforehand.

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