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The Education system is getting innovative daily with the latest teaching apps introduced for the schools and teachers. Most of the school mobile app for teachers helps them to engage students in the present-day learning environment. It is also used for marking attendance and giving homework to the students.

Atcovation helps teachers to update the parents about their ward's class performance as well as the overall performance. The teachers can easily create lesson plans, communicate with students, devise new learning techniques, connect with students for assignments, etc. It's an easy to use teacher-parent communication app.

Beneficial Effects of Using Atcovation by Teachers

Atcovation uses modern technology to connect teachers with school management, students, and parents through an app. With this App, teachers can mark attendance of students in a class. This is the best student attendance app which makes their work easier.

This app is also useful as school homework app, assists in assigning the homework to all students at once. Parents can keep an eye on regular homework assigned to their child relative to the chapters taught in school.

Through this Atcovation app, the parents can easily log in and check out notification, circulars and meeting notices sent by the school.

Key Features of Atcovation - Teacher Mobile App

The Educational Institutions as well as teachers are benefited from this innovative and creative school mobile app as it has lessened the communication gap. The significant features of this mobile app for the teachers include:

  • The teachers can mark the attendance in an easy way. The four statuses can be allotted for the Attendance that includes Present, Absent, Leave or the Student on Duty. This will help the teachers to know about the students present in the class and the framing of the assignments in the respective manner only.
  • The teacher can send Attendance status to the parents at once about their wards presence or absence in the class. In most of the cases, if there is no leave, then the teacher can ask the reason for absence to the parents instantly. This method will reduce the problem of bunking the classes.
  • With the help of this mobile app, the teachers can share the homework daily that includes attaching photos with the descriptions. The parents will be able to receive updates daily about each subject's homework.
  • This mobile app supports Push Notifications for the parents send by teachers regarding the notices, parents-teachers meet, examination schedule, attendance reports of their wards and assignments given to the students.

In Nutshell

Atcovation is changing the scenario with its outstanding mobile app for schools by offering varied facilities like attendance marking, homework and notice sharing, and much more in one single app. It also helps teachers to know about the circulars and notifications from school side to initiate a greater learning process. Thus, this develops a better and fruitful communication between the parents and teachers.

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