Atcovation - The Best-in-class School App

Easy-to-use, highly integrable and secure, Atcovation is the best-in-class School Mobile App and portal focusing on transforming the schools through modern technology. Designed specifically for schools, atcovation revolutionizes technology of the education sector and helps digitalize your school. Our aim is to assist schools to get more competitive by increasing parental involvement, ensuring student safety and improving student outcomes. At Atcovation, every individual has a voice and together, we are obsessed with technology, imagination, and revolution...

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A Single Dynamic Platform Connecting Prime Constituents



Schools can easily communicate with parents by sharing their wards activities, notifying them about upcoming events and meetings via mobile app.

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Teachers can mark attendance of students in class. They can also share daily homework by attaching photos with description and update parents about it.

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Parents can apply leave for their ward online via Atcovation. They also receive a push notification about attendance, homework and other school activities.

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Remarkable Attributes Of The School Management App

user Authorization

  • Enter login details and password and you are good to go.
  • Once the school is registered, each parent and teacher has his/her unique id and password.
  • Bonus! They can also upload their display picture.


  • Teachers can mark attendance of students in class.
  • Four options for marking attendance are given; which are- Present, Absent, Present on Duty and Leave.


  • Teachers can assign daily homework to students.
  • Teachers can attach photo with the description of homework and send it to the ward's parent.

news, notices, updates

  • Schools can notify Parent about upcoming activities and events.
  • Reminders to Parents about meetings can be sent through this App.
  • In case of an emergency, parents know updates beforehand.

leave application

  • Parents can apply leave for their child.
  • Teachers are instantly updated about student's Leave on their digital register.

generates reports

  • Section-wise
  • Class-wise
  • Student-wise
  • Data-wise
  • Consolidated


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Atcovation app is created with a vision to enrich the ethos of education worldwide. It is meant to be a breakthrough in the world of learning and teaching. Designed for all the prime members of the education system namely - the students, their parents and the school administration, it covers the complete academic lifecycle of any given student. Atcovation implements newer methods for providing an exceptional experience. It makes use of reliable and integrated technology for communication between schools and parents thereby promoting parent engagement. This leads to performance enhancement in many ways since effective sharing of information, which plays a key role in any process, is facilitated.

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